• Image of Sea Life 1
  • Image of Sea Life 1

I live in the desert, so my mind frequently wanders to all things aquatic since I miss the water so much.

I was asked to participate in a letterpress art show here in Phoenix and I chose to make some prints depicting some of my favorite, oft overlooked sea creatures.

Here we have two Nautilus in their natural habitat. Nautiluses are living fossils. They have inhabited this planet for 500 million years without any changes in their appearance. Nautiluses inhabited the Earth 265 million years before dinosaurs appeared.

These are 5 color woodblock reduction prints.

Hand Carved, Reduction cut, woodblock print.
Printed with an Vandercook press.
Strathmore 400 series 2 ply smooth acid free paper.
Gamblin oil based inks.
Paper size is 9"x9".
Signed and Numbered .
Edition of 50.

Shipped in a 3" yazoo mills tube with tracking and insurance.

As these are all hand carved and hand made, each one is unique and there are subtle variations from print to print.